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15 Jul

This I Know: Abraham’s Family Did Grow

July 15, 2018 Scripture: Genesis 18:1-2,9-15; Genesis 21:1-20 Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko

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08 Jul

The Story Behind Our Hymns

July 8, 2018 Service led by Marci Spiegle and Rick Clark. Patriotic Hymn sing: join us as we learn the stories behind our favorite hymns, which celebrate our country. The Star Spangled Banner and Psalm 118:5-9; My Country, ‘Tis of Thee and Luke 4:16-19; Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory and Psalm 29:1-4; God of […]

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01 Jul

This I Know: God Sent Noah A Rainbow

July 1, 2018 Scripture: Genesis 6-9, selected verses Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko Songs sung during scripture and sermon: “Who Built the Ark?” (African American Spiritual) and “The Arky Arky Song” (Traditional)

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24 Jun

This I Know: Bible Songs They Tell Me So

June 24, 2018 Scripture: Matthew 10:13-16 Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko

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17 Jun

The Lights in Our World

June 17, 2018 Special Service led by the men of FPCHH Sermon given by: Rick Clark, Sean Remington, and Art Ritter.

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10 Jun

Confirmation Sunday

June 10, 2018 Worship led by our Youth. Sermon given by our Confirmation Class. In order of voice appearance: Liam Cronin, John Borden, Paul Maienza, and David Masi

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27 May

The Highway to Heaven?

May 27, 2018 Scripture: Isaiah 40:3-5 Guest Preacher: Rev. Dan Pure  

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21 May

Surprise! A Birth-Day Party

May 20, 2018 Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-13 Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko Image below is Pastor Eliza’s poem, “Happy Birthday to Church,” based on and with apologies to Dr. Seuss’ “Happy Birthday to You”

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13 May

Surprise! Women Who Inspire

May 13, 2018 Scripture: Acts 16:9-15 Celebrating the Gifts of Women Sunday: Women Who Lead in Love. Our Sermon was presented by: Sharon Cole, Ruth Gallagher, Carole Leadbeater, Patti Pawling, and Nancy Wilk. Each woman spoke on a woman who has inspired them. (Our apologies as the audio at the beginning of Sharon Cole’s talk […]

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06 May

Surprise! Jail Break

May 6, 2018 Scripture: Acts of the Apostles 16:16-34 Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko

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29 Apr

Surprise! Today’s Special

April 29, 2018 Scripture: Acts of the Apostles 11:1-18 Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko

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22 Apr

Surprise! The Apostle’s Got Talent

April 22, 2018 Scripture: Acts 9:1-20, Acts 9:36-43 Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko

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