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Our Leadership

The church is governed by three boards, each consisting of members elected by the congregation for three-year terms.

  • The Session
  • The Board of Deacons
  • The Board of Trustees

The Session

The Session is responsible for the overall governance of the church.

The moderator of the Session is our pastor, Eliza C. Jaremko, while the Clerk of Session is Suzanne Ritter. To better carry out its responsibilities, the Session is organized in committees, each chaired by a Session member.

Music and Worship: Douglas McVarish, Chair. This committee works with the pastor and the music staff to plan regular and special worship services. New members are always welcome.

Fellowship: Sylvia Hearne, Chair. This committee organizes social events to help church members to get to know each other better. New members are always welcome.

Christian Education: Kathy Mullan, Chair. This committee organizes church school classes and nursery care during the school year, as well as the intergenerational Vacation Bible School during the summer. New members are always welcome.

Outreach: Polly Mitchell, Chair. This committee seeks ways to increase awareness of First Church, its missions and programs. New members are always welcome.

Missions: Marci Spiegle, Chair. This committee works with the congregation to identify and coordinate efforts to reach out to help the less fortunate, both in the local community and around the world. New members are always welcome.

Personnel: Rick Clark, Chair. This committee works with the Session on hiring and evaluating staff. Membership is by invitation.

Stewardship: Bill Reeves, Chair. This committee develops and operates the fall campaign for membership support of the church. Membership is by invitation.

Memorial Gifts: Bill Reeves, Chair. This committee makes recommendations to the Session concerning expenditures from memorial gift funds. Membership is by invitation.

Membership and Care: Cathy Zobel, Chair. This committee works with the Deacons on care for church members and also works with Outreach on developing programs to bring new people to the church. New Members are always welcome.

Nominating: Sylvia Hearne, Chair. This committee recommends candidates for openings on church boards. Members are selected by the boards or by the congregation.

The Board of Deacons

Dawson Winch, Presidents. With a membership of 15 men and women, the Board of Deacons cares for the needs of members of the congregation. They also host an annual dinner, pancake breakfasts at the beginning and midpoint of the church school year, and the annual yard sale in association with the Community Wide Yard Sale. The Deacons raise funds for and make distributions from the Fund of Compassion, to help members of the church community in difficult times.

The Board of Trustees

Mark Zimmerman, President. The Board of Trustees assumes responsibility for the physical plant and finances of the church. Its members constitute the legal corporation of the church. Activities include semi-annual cleanups of the church grounds.